Web developer, technical handyman, Linux enthusiast, mechanical engineer, I've worn quite a number of hats over the last few years. Academically, I'm a recent (May 2012) grad from Tufts University in Boston, with a BS in mechanical engineering and computer science. I'm currently working at Evernote as a webdev guy.

In real life, I consider myself a technophile and love playing with technology. My interests include writing code to make magic happen in your browser and writing scripts to automate menial tasks. I've developed with web frameworks, programmed microcontrollers, done image processing in low level C and managed samba and apache2 servers.

Apart from hacking away in python or some other fun language, I like playing basketball and table tennis, and I even swim occasionally. I've tried my hand at real tennis too, to varying success. I cook somewhat edible food, and speak some broken French.